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Lonely Witch by changruth101

Original and good. It feels as if you seemed to lack in the idea of what her role was in being here. You simply placed her infront of a window, no story at all. To help present that this girl has a story, you should consider changing her hairstyle and clothes to suit what you want to reflect. I understand the title is called lonely witch but I don't see a witch here. The tone is to nice to be lonely and her clothes aren't very witch like. Overall, I love how much detail you put into this picture. You shaded it nicely and I loved how you made the wood on the floor fade out. You could have gone into more detail in the background of the window. Maybe a desert to present more lonliness. Also, I get the impression that she is smiling. Maybe she is happy alone? If you wanted to go for more of her being happy that she is alone, then you have done this perfectly.
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